Ample free parking is available at our clinic. Please park on the north side of the lot. If the lot is full, there is also parking available in the street or in the church parking lot across the street.

Our office is completely wheelchair accessible. We have installed an elevator so that all patients can access all of our services on both our main floor and upper floor. If you cannot transfer from your wheelchair to the exam chair we have slides to move the exam chair back allowing you to remain in your wheelchair and still have all of the routine tests performed.

No. We provide routine eye examinations for children starting at age 6 months and older. Children with eye health concerns can be seen prior to 6 months. For infants we do not generally assess their vision in the same way as an older child or adult, we simply can assess their eye muscles for proper function, their prescription (objectively by retinoscopy- without any feedback from them) and their eye health. This also applies to non-verbal patients as well. In younger children who do not yet know their letter names we can still measure their vision using alternative charts with pictures, numbers, or matching charts.

The drops to dilate the pupils have been greatly refined over the years and most patients are perfectly fine to drive as the drops typically have little or no effect on your distance vision. The drops will make your reading and close vision blurry for 2-4 hours after the appointment. If you are concerned about driving then we certainly encourage you to plan to bring a driver with you. If you have sunglasses, you should bring them to your appointment as you will be light sensitive outdoors for 2-4 hours due to the dilating drops. If you do not have sunglasses or you forget them we will provide disposable sunglasses to help you get home comfortably. The effects of the drops generally will completely disappear in 2-6 hours.

The duration of an appointment will vary based on your needs – our doctors always provide ample time with each patient so that we can ensure you receive optimal care for your eye health and visual needs. That being said a complete examination for children will generally take 15-30 minutes. An adult patient coming for a complete eye examination should expect to be in the office for approximately an hour (may be as little as 40 minutes) as our doctors recommend pupil dilation drops at routine exams to ensure we assess your eye health as thoroughly as possible.

Please bring a list of all medications you are taking currently. Also, if you wear contact lenses please bring your boxes or foils so that we know what lenses you are currently wearing. If you have sunglasses, you should bring them to your appointment as your doctor will most likely use drops to dilate your pupils and you will be light sensitive outdoors for 2-4 hours.

We are a full-service optometric clinic providing routine comprehensive eye examinations, emergency eye examinations, contact lens fittings and refractive surgery consultations. We have a full optical dispensary with over 1200 frames and sunglasses and also dispense contact lenses.