visiofficecutoutOur optometrists proudly offer completely independent eye care to our patients. We have no corporate directives or restrictive business affiliations. This allows us to deal with any or all lens, frame and contact lens companies with one goal: to provide our patients only high quality products at an amazing value.

Our dispensary offers the newest designs and technology in prescription lenses from Essilor, Nikon and Zeiss – the leading ophthalmic lens makers in the world to provide you with the best vision possible.

Ask our doctors or dispensing team about digital high-definition and personalized progressive lenses.

UPDATE – September 2012: Announcing the Arrival of the Varilux S-SeriesTM Progressive Lens Now Available at Advance Eye Care Center

In September 2012, Varilux released the Varilux S-Series lens in Canada. With 3 new breakthrough technologies, this lens has revloutionized the progressive lens experience. The following briefly explains the three core technologies in the Varilux S lenses. This is simply the best progressive lens on the market.The Varilux S Series lenses are a category of their own – no other lens evens compares.

NanoptixTM – enhancement of the digital surfacing process to become 5x more accurate. This technology can be likened to GPS – when the back side of the lens is created, the computer maps the power of the lens at each individual point on that back side of the lens and then when the front surface of the lens is created, the curvature of each individual point is adjusted to eliminate the distortion.

The result: 90% less peripheral distortion and swim compared to Varilux’s previous BEST lens.

Synchroneyes: when your lenses are made they are first calculated as a pair to optimize the field of vision seen by both eyes together.

The result: 50% wider Field of vision seen by both eyes together compared to Varilux’s previous BEST lens.

4D Technology: we can now measure a patient LEADING DOMINANT EYE. The leading dominant eye is the eye that will get to a visual target first. By optimizing the lens design for the leading dominant eye, the wearer will have faster visual reaction time. This is important for driving, walking in crowd, sports, etc….

The result: faster reaction time in dynamic situations.

VariluxS_smallThe Varilux S-Series lenses were tested by an independant 3rd party in a study of 100 patients who compared the Varilux Physio 360 lens against the Varilux S lens. The Varilux S lenses were ranked superior in the following categories: overall vision, distance vision, intermediate vision, near vision, dynamic vision when patient is moving, dynamic vision when the surroundings are moving, ease of adaptation and vision quality.

See the benefits yourself stop into the office or use the demonstration tool: Varilux S Benefits Demonstration

What are digital (or high-definition) lenses?

This terminology refers to how the lenses have been manufactured. Typical prescription lenses are made using pre-formed molds with the proper curvature to create the right prescription for you. The flaw in this technology is that each lens will have the same prescription in all positions in the lens. Optically, the ideal prescription needed in a lens changes with the position that your eye is in when looking through different points in the lens. Digital lenses are made using digital surfacing; with this technology we can accurately refine the prescription in over 7,000 points across the surface of a lens, rather than it being the same all over. This creates optimized vision in all positions across a lens. This  technology can be put into single vision lenses, bifocals, and progressive lenses. For you this means better, clearer vision in all viewing areas of the lens.

What is internal freeform?

Internal freeform is a specific application of the digital surfacing technology discussed above. This simply means that in a digital progressive lens we are using this technology to put the progressive lens power on the inside (back) surface of the lens. This brings the prescription closer to the eye also helping to widen the field of view in the lens. This means a wider area of clear vision in the reading portions of the lens.

Accurate measurements are crucial for individualized lenses

Do you have a difficult time choosing lenses and frames? Do your current lenses only allow clear vision when you are looking straight ahead? Do you question what lens coatings you need? Worry no more! Now that Advance Eye Care is using Visioffice® with EyeCode technology, we can help you make the best choice – easily! The Visioffice® System from Essilor is an all-encompassing measuring system that allows our opticians to obtain every possible parameter required for modern lenses – with extreme accuracy. Visioffice® also encompasses a unique measurement called EyeCode that allows you to go one step further in terms of lens personalization by measuring the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC).

Visioffice® EyeCode

EyeCode is a stunning breakthrough. Using the new patented Visioffice® technology, EyeCode enables our opticians to determine the individual position of each eye’s rotation centre with one quick and easy measurement.

This data can then be combined with frame and head/eye behaviour data to create truly personalized single vision and Varilux® progressive lenses. The EyeCode technology and ERC measurement are unique to Visioffice®. By enabling precise measurements including dynamic 3D eye measurement, this new technology enables our opticians – for the first time ever – to pinpoint the exact Eye Rotation Centre (ERC) of your eye. With this vital new measurement patients benefit from something they’ve never had before: truly personalized individual measurements of your eye with extreme accuracy giving the ultimate lens personalization  – meaning better vision for you.

What does this mean for you?

With EyeCode® and other key fitting measurements (mono PD, fitting height, distance from ERC to lens, postural behaviour, etc) – which are required for all premium lenses on the market – we can now create lenses that are precisely physiologically matched to your individual eye – lenses that are 5 times more optically precise wherever the wearer’s gaze passes through them.

Help Selecting Frames with Images of Yourself


Thanks to the frame selection interface we can take photographs of our patients to help them select their best frame style. If you’ve ever struggled to choose a frame, having difficulty seeing just what they look like without your glasses on, you will absolutely love this feature.

Through the use of various interactive presentations we can help you to choose the best lens/frame combination for you:

  • Personalized simulations – with your unique data we can help you to see the difference in lens designs so you can make a clear choice
  • Interactive animations – demonstrates the benefits of different lens coatings
  • Lifestyle questionnaire – a series of simple questions to help you find out which lens would best suit you

See Visioffice In Action

Watch a short video of this amazing instrument in action and then come on in and experience the difference lenses made with EyeCode from Visioffice can make for you!