Dr. Myles Bokinac

This buyer’s guide will help you understand what to look for when purchasing eyewear. There are many things to consider: the product, quality, warranty, service, price, expertise and protection. All of these together define the value of your purchase.

The first is product: the frame and lenses. This ties into quality greatly. Eyeglass frames can be very inexpensive or very expensive depending upon the quality, brand name, material type and production techniques. For example, titanium frames cost more than regular metal or plastic. Titanium is very light, strong, hypoallergenic and generally lasts two or more years longer than conventional frames. Brand name will also affect the price– as with any product, fashionable brand names come at a premium.

Prescription lenses are available in many materials with coatings available as add-ons. The lens material will change the weight, thickness and durability of your lenses. Coating options include scratch-resistant or anti-reflection/scratch-resistant combination coating. These combination coatings reduce glare under fluorescent lights, from the computer and at night. Coating quality varies from basic to ultra-clear, easy-clean.

The brand of coating is also important–Essilor Crizal, Nikon SeeCoat and Zeiss Carat are premium coatings, but generic store brands may be available too. Premium coatings will be more scratch resistant, provide better vision, less glare and last longer. Proper eyewear requires proper fitting on selection and pickup to function properly.

Warranty is very important as this varies greatly from no warranty to full two-year coverage. Protection and expertise are equally important. What if you have problems? Who is involved in selecting and producing your eyewear? Improperly chosen or manufactured eyewear can look bad, and cause eyestrain, and provide you with less than optimal vision.

I hope this will help you choose your next eyewear with confidence. Our optical dispensary welcomes new and current patients–we love to take care of you and your vision!