Dr. Myles Bokinac

You likely have the latest technology for your life in your home, your car and even in your pocket with your smart phone. But do you have the latest technology in your eyeglass lenses? You have a high definition television, but are you seeing it as well as you could be with the old technology in your lenses?

Technology is evolving quickly in the lens industry. We now use digitally manufactured progressive lenses almost exclusively. Older style progressive lenses made many “one size fits all” assumptions, but we know that not every person or every eye is the same. Today’s technology allows us to create lenses custom matched to your eyes.

The Visioffice measuring system by Essilor is one tool for optimizing the use of these newer technologies. Using the Visioffice, we can measure the precise center of your eye’s rotation and create lenses matched to this, resulting in a wider field of vision in your lens. We can now measure and compensate for the fit of your frames on your face rather than assuming that every frame fits every person the same. With this new tool, we can even test your unique visual behaviour and viewing strategy and incorporate the results into the creation of your Varilux Ipseo® lenses. The result is lenses optimized for the unique way that you use your eyes. Varilux progressive lenses using W.A.V.E. TechnologyTM account for pupil size, age, prescription and viewing position to improve your vision at night and in low light conditions.

We can truly make lenses matched to you, your eye, your frame fit and your visual behaviour – a unique lens for your unique eyes.