Dr. Myles Bokinac

My Baby’s Eyes- What do I need to do?

Congratulations – You are a parent! Unfortunately, children do not come with a handy user’s manual so here’s something you may not already know. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that your baby’s first eye exam be done by age six months. Unless you have any concerns then of course you should bring your baby in immediately.

The idea of an eye exam for a baby may seem unusual but because in cases of eye turns, congenital eye diseases, etc., the earlier intervention the better the success of the treatment. An eye exam for your baby is very simple, quick, non-invasive and painless. All children are covered completely by Saskatchewan Health for eye examinations from birth until they turn 18. This exam will test everything we test for adults only done in a different way: eye health, eye muscles and alignment and prescription. Most infant exams are very routine and everything is perfect with baby’s eyes, but having the exam can give you that reassurance.

Our doctors do infant eye exams daily and do everything to make the exam fun and entertaining for them. We are always happy to schedule around your baby’s schedule for naps, etc., to make it convenient for you. A 10-minute check-up can make a huge difference in your child’s vision should a problem be present. For example, an eye turn can be treated much more successfully in infancy than in later childhood. The same holds true for any of the congenital eye diseases. We also provide emergency eye exams for infants or any patients for eye infections, injuries, etc.

Call us today at 586-7036 or visit us at 500-4010 Pasqua St and make your baby’s first test an eye exam!