The summer sunshine is upon us after a long cold winter, and this means sunglasses season is here.

Sunglasses have many functions including ultraviolet (UV) protection, glare and brightness reduction and let’s not forget fashion.

The summer sunshine is upon us   after a long cold winter, and this means sunglasses season is here. Sunglasses have many functions, including ultraviolet (UV) protection, glare and brightness reduction. What’s more, they can be fashionable at the same time.

Protecting the eyes from UV exposure is important for the long-term health of the eyes. This holds true for patients of all ages. Children’s eyes are particularly vulnerable to UV damage because the crystalline lens of the eye transmits most of the UV light

through to the retina. Eighty per cent of the retina’s cumulative lifetime exposure happens before the age of 18; this exposure is thought to be linked with increased risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

UV damage for adults is more concentrated on the crystalline lens, contributing to the development of cataracts. While wearing eyewear, UV light can reach the eye in two ways. First, is transmitted UV, which is the UV light that passes through the lens. The second is reflected UV, which is the UV light that reflects off the back surface of the lens and enters the eye. Different lens options are available that block both of these types of UV. Transmitted UV can be blocked by clear lenses with a UV coating, or high-index plastics or can be blocked with tinted lenses. Reflected UV can be blocked by a specific anti-reflection coating called Crizal UV©.

The UV blocking properties of a lens can be most easily described using the E-SPF or eye-sun protection factor. For example, an Xperio© Polarized lens with Crizal Sun UV© coating will provide an e-SPF of 50+. This means 50 times the protection from UV light compared to wearing no lens at all. This is the highest e-SPF available. A clear lens made using the polycarbonate lens material with a Crizal UV© coating will offer an e-SPF of 25 — the highest available in a clear lens.

Glare control is the second function of sunglass wear. Glare is scattered light that reflects off various surfaces around us. Glare interferes with our quality and clarity of vision and can affect our daily activities in significant ways. For example, studies have shown that when a driver wearing polarized lenses is exposed to a glare source while traveling 80 km/h, they will have an approximately seven-metre-longer stopping distance than a driver wearing non-polarized sunglasses.

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