Varilux S Series – A Revolution in Progressive Lenses

Varilux S Series

Last issue, we wrote about new technology in progressive lenses.Three months have gone by, and a new progressive lens has arrived with technology to surpass everything I talked about then. The new Varilux S Series™ progressive lenses arrived to Canada in early September; these lenses have been completely redesigned to create new visual performance benefits in a progressive lens.

Created by Varilux, the company that invented progressive lenses in 1952,the Varilux S Series offers many visual advantages over previous progressive lens designs. All previous progressive lens innovations were refinements or improvements of currently existing technology. In other words, all the previous lenses had the same basic starting lens blank, which is the appropriate-shaped plastic lens we start with. The lens blank is then surfaced, and new curves are ground onto the lens to create the progressive. All current progressive lens designs start with the same lens blank technology so there is a limit to how much we can improve them.

Varilux has created an entirely new and different lens blank, creating a new and better technology. This new lens blank design coupled with three new core technologies results in the most distortion-free lens to date.1 The first core technology is called Nanoptix™, which can be likened to GPS. When the lens backside is created, the computer maps the power at each individual point; when the front surface is created, the curvature is adjusted to eliminate the distortion at that point.2 The second technology is SynchronEyes™, where the pair of lenses is calculated and optimized as a pair to widen the field of vision seen by both eyes together.2 The third technology is called 4D; we can now measure a patient’s leading dominant eye, which is the eye that gets to a visual target first.2 Optimizing the lens design for the leading dominant eye gives the patient faster reaction speed and better dynamic vision.2 Three technologies and three advantages: stability in motion, wider field of vision and better reflex vision.2

The bottom line is 90 per cent less distortion than Varilux’s current best progressive design; it also gives 50 per cent wider field of vision with both eyes working together than Varilux’s best design.1

This means wider usable area in the computer and reading areas of the lens, less distortion in the way of your vision, less head turning required, better night vision through WAVE Technology™, and a better overall visual experience. In a clinical trial, the Varilux S was rated superior to Varilux’s best progressive lens in all six visual categories: dynamic or moving vision, overall vision, distance vision, intermediate vision, near vision and ease of adaptation to the lens.1

Varilux has made improvements to the efficiency of their lab manufacturing process and can now manufacture and ship lenses within 24 hours. This means that you get premium progressives faster than ever before. Come into the office to learn more or check out the online demo at default.aspx

To experience the difference yourself, stop in at our optical dispensary at 500-4010 Pasqua Street. New patients are always welcome. Book an exam at 306.586.7036, or online at



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