Ocular Emergencies

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, call us at 306-586-7036 to book an emergency appointment.

  • Vision loss
  • Eye pain
  • Corneal abrasion/scratch
  • Foreign object in the eye
  • Chemical contact in the eye or on eyelid
  • Sudden onset of flashes or floaters
  • Sudden onset blurry vision
  • Tunnel vision
  • Warped vision
  • Redness and discharge

Emergency First Steps

Depending on the emergency, there are steps you should take immediately to help save your sight. Follow these instructions, then seek emergency medical attention.

Chemical Contact

Flush the eyes for at least 15 minutes with cool, clean water. It is crucial to flush the eyes for at least 15 minutes, as any residual chemicals can continue to damage your eyes if left behind. After flushing your eyes, call us to make an emergency appointment or go to your nearest emergency room.

Do not rub your eye or try to remove the object. First, gently rinse your eye with cool, clean water to help remove debris. When you are done rinsing your eye, call us for an emergency appointment.