No More Glasses & Contacts

If you’re looking for freedom from glasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgery might be the alternative for you. We’re proud to partner with Horizon Laser Centre by offering our patients consultation exams as the first step in their laser eye surgery process. We offer consultation appointments for the major refractive surgery procedures, including LASIK, SMILE, and Presbyond. Start waking up with clear vision every day – book your laser eye surgery consultation with us at Advance Eye Care Center.

What to Expect

During your consultation, we’ll perform a thorough eye exam to make sure you’re a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Typically, those with health issues like diabetes, amblyopia, keratoconus, or glaucoma are not eligible for laser vision correction. We also don’t recommend laser eye surgery if you’re pregnant, under 18, or have unstable vision.

Once we have determined your candidacy for refractive surgery, we evaluate your visual requirements to help choose which type of surgery is best for you. We also make sure to take the time to explain the healing process and follow-up schedule before referring you to an opthamologist at Horizon Laser Centre for surgery.

Care After Surgery

After you have your surgery, schedule your postoperative appointments with us. At these appointments, we’ll make sure that your eyes are healing properly and that there are no issues. We can also answer any questions you have about the healing process.