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Why Are My Eyes Watery?

Young woman rubbing watery eyes with both hands

Have you recently found your eyes watering unexpectedly? If so, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Watery eyes can affect people at any age, and numerous factors can cause them. It might sound strange, but watery eyes can even result from dry eye disease! Visiting your eye doctor for an exam is the best way to determine […]

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Sunglasses: UV Radiation & Your Eyes

silhouette of a hand eclipsing late eveinng sunlight, holding sunglasses facing the viewer

Filtering out sunlight that’s too bright isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses. Sure, the idea of comfort against the blinding light of the outdoors is what spurs us toward the sunglasses rack. UV light is much more dangerous than discomfort from squinting. Optometrists recommend sunglasses for the safety from an invisible hazard, and UV […]

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Are Glasses or Contact Lenses Better for Myopia Control?

Child wearing glasses to help correct myopia

If you had to guess how many Canadians are living with myopia, what percentage would you come up with? 10%? 15%? Currently, about 30% of Canadians have myopia, and studies suggest that number will rise. By 2050, experts believe over half of the entire world population will develop at least some degree of myopia. So […]

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What Really Causes Dry Eye?

photos of a lady with green eyes side by side before and after dry eye treatment

What is Dry Eye? Dry eye can be an uncomfortable and debilitating condition that, if left untreated, can lead to significant permanent damage to your eyes. Dry eye often occurs due to a lack of production of good quality tears, causing the eye to feel gritty and dry. If you have unusually red eyes coupled […]

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