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10 Home Remedies for Dry Eye Relief

An older woman holding her glasses in her right hand, using both of her hands to rub her eyes due to the discomfort from dry eye

Dealing with Dry Eye Dry eye disease occurs when you lack tear quantity or quality. Dealing with the discomfort of dry eyes can be a daily battle, and the condition can affect your vision. The condition includes various symptoms, such as: Dry eyes Redness Watery eyes Blurred vision Light sensitivity Irritated or scratchy eyes There […]

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10 Ways To Reduce Eye Strain

A businesswoman seated at her desk holding her eyes in discomfort from looking at her laptop screen for a prolonged period of time needing relief

Many of us have found our amount of computer use and screen time ramped up over the past few years. Even before the pandemic, there’s been an increase in how much we use our digital devices; they allow us to work, play, and connect remotely. Though the widespread use of screens and technology is convenient […]

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Does Dry Eye Affect Your Vision?

Man rubbing his eye in discomfort because he suffers from dry eye

Dry eye disease can leave your eyes with a burning, uncomfortable, and irritated feeling. Fortunately, many cases of dry eye are temporary, caused by environmental factors like strong air conditioning in an office, smoky air, or living in a climate with harsh prairie winters and forgetting to turn on your humidifier. But please, don’t brush […]

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