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Why Do My Eyes Feel Strained When Wearing Contacts?

A woman sitting at her desk her with her down in her hand due to eye strain and pain

Eye strain is common for many people, especially when wearing contact lenses. You can experience eye strain when wearing contacts for many reasons, including digital eye strain. If eye strain is a common experience for you, what’s the possible cause?  Continue reading to learn more about eye strain, including what it is and what can […]

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10 Ways To Reduce Eye Strain

A businesswoman seated at her desk holding her eyes in discomfort from looking at her laptop screen for a prolonged period of time needing relief

Many of us have found our amount of computer use and screen time ramped up over the past few years. Even before the pandemic, there’s been an increase in how much we use our digital devices; they allow us to work, play, and connect remotely. Though the widespread use of screens and technology is convenient […]

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