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Why Do My Eyes Feel Strained When Wearing Contacts?

A woman sitting at her desk her with her down in her hand due to eye strain and pain

Eye strain is common for many people, especially when wearing contact lenses. You can experience eye strain when wearing contacts for many reasons, including digital eye strain. If eye strain is a common experience for you, what’s the possible cause?  Continue reading to learn more about eye strain, including what it is and what can […]

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How Long Do Prescription Glasses Usually Last?

A young man trying on prescription glasses

The Lifespan of Eyeglasses Modern prescription lenses are more durable than ever. Once they were made of shatter-vulnerable glass, but today eyeglass lenses are made of high-tech plastics. With lenses optimized to resist damage, you can enjoy your lenses with less worry.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, even your favourite pair of glasses. You may not […]

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How Do MiSight Contact Lenses Work?

A teenage boy resting his contact lens on the tip of his finger

Myopia is a common eye condition diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam. If your child has myopia, your optometrist will recommend treatment to reduce or slow its progression. There are several treatments for myopia control, and MiSight contact lenses are a common form of this. If you’re debating getting your child MiSight contacts, what is […]

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