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How Do MiSight Contact Lenses Work?

A teenage boy resting his contact lens on the tip of his finger

Myopia is a common eye condition diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam. If your child has myopia, your optometrist will recommend treatment to reduce or slow its progression. There are several treatments for myopia control, and MiSight contact lenses are a common form of this. If you’re debating getting your child MiSight contacts, what is […]

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Sunglasses: UV Radiation & Your Eyes

silhouette of a hand eclipsing late eveinng sunlight, holding sunglasses facing the viewer

Filtering out sunlight that’s too bright isn’t the only reason to wear sunglasses. Sure, the idea of comfort against the blinding light of the outdoors is what spurs us toward the sunglasses rack. UV light is much more dangerous than discomfort from squinting. Optometrists recommend sunglasses for the safety from an invisible hazard, and UV […]

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Are Glasses or Contact Lenses Better for Myopia Control?

Child wearing glasses to help correct myopia

If you had to guess how many Canadians are living with myopia, what percentage would you come up with? 10%? 15%? Currently, about 30% of Canadians have myopia, and studies suggest that number will rise. By 2050, experts believe over half of the entire world population will develop at least some degree of myopia. So […]

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