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How Long Do Prescription Glasses Usually Last?

A young man trying on prescription glasses

The Lifespan of Eyeglasses Modern prescription lenses are more durable than ever. Once they were made of shatter-vulnerable glass, but today eyeglass lenses are made of high-tech plastics. With lenses optimized to resist damage, you can enjoy your lenses with less worry.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, even your favourite pair of glasses. You may not […]

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18 Eyewear Trends for 2021

Two toned eye glasses on black and white background

2021 might be off to a rocky start, but there’s no reason not to keep your fashion headstrong. Not only that, but the lens and frame materials of your glasses are always a great canvas for innovations in the functional materials and coatings available. Sunglasses come with choices too. There are already a lot of […]

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