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Category: Children's Eye Care

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How Too Much Screen Time Can Affect Your Child’s Eyes

A cropped image of a young child wearing jeans and a dark denim button-up shirt, playing on a tablet in their lap, while sitting cross-legged on an orange couch

With technology constantly evolving, it’s easy to see that screens and devices are evolving alongside us. They’ve become an integral part of how we interact with each other, education, leisure activities, and more. But with great power comes great responsibility, so learning how to manage screen time and being aware of its potential effects on […]

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Are Glasses or Contact Lenses Better for Myopia Control?

Child wearing glasses to help correct myopia

If you had to guess how many Canadians are living with myopia, what percentage would you come up with? 10%? 15%? Currently, about 30% of Canadians have myopia, and studies suggest that number will rise. By 2050, experts believe over half of the entire world population will develop at least some degree of myopia. So […]

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