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Are Glasses or Contact Lenses Better for Myopia Control?

Child wearing glasses to help correct myopia

If you had to guess how many Canadians are living with myopia, what percentage would you come up with? 10%? 15%? Currently, about 30% of Canadians have myopia, and studies suggest that number will rise. By 2050, experts believe over half of the entire world population will develop at least some degree of myopia. So […]

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What Really Causes Dry Eye?

photos of a lady with green eyes side by side before and after dry eye treatment

What is Dry Eye? Dry eye can be an uncomfortable and debilitating condition that, if left untreated, can lead to significant permanent damage to your eyes. Dry eye often occurs due to a lack of production of good quality tears, causing the eye to feel gritty and dry. If you have unusually red eyes coupled […]

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Eye Health Tips And Tricks

The eye is an essential part of the body; it helps us to see the world and reflects whatever emotions we are having within us. There are several things we can do to keep them healthy and ensuring we see the best. This article shows easy but vital steps to maintain healthy eyes. Go for […]

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A Biological Look at Your Eyes

The human eye The eyes are windows to our soul, and the body’s location of the eyes enables us to see length, width, depth, and distance of an object. The eye is nearly spherical with a slight bulge in the front part, and it enables us to see the beautiful, colorful world around us. Over […]

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7 Signs That You Might Need Glasses

The importance of an eye test cannot be overstated. Being examined by an optician could make life easier and of course clearer. However, below are common signs that show you might need glasses: 1. Unexplained headaches (or frequent headaches) Do you ever get headaches after reading or looking at the computer for long? Does your […]

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Clinic Expansion 2016

We are Moving! Clinic Expansion 2016. This past year has been a very exciting time for our office. November 2015 marked 10 years since Drs. Anderson and Bokinac took over the practice from Dr. Robert MacKay. Since that time, the clinic has continued to grow and expand — from a sole optometrist under Dr. MacKay […]

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