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Eye Health Tips And Tricks

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The eye is an essential part of the body; it helps us to see the world and reflects whatever emotions we are having within us. There are several things we can do to keep them healthy and ensuring we see the best. This article shows easy but vital steps to maintain healthy eyes.

Go for eye care exam

The primary reason why people do not visit the eye care center is that they feel they have healthy eyes and assume their vision is okay. Unfortunately, most people with this belief tend to get the shock of their lives after visiting an eye care center.

Your eyes deserve to be treated by a professional, eye doctor instead of assuming. You can visit your eye care center for a thorough and comprehensive eye exam. Not all eye problems give warning before attacking your precious eyes; eyes diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic eye disease mostly do not show warning signs.

A dilated or thorough eye exam is the only way to notice these diseases in the early stages. You should see a doctor or optometrist as soon as possible if:

• You become sensitive to light
• Your vision is blurry or double
• You have tired eyes and difficulty focusing on any object
• You have a painful or red eye
• You have a misty vision

Sun protection glasses

Wearing UV blocking sunglasses eliminate the risk of developing cataracts; direct sunlight increases the chances of having cataracts. One of the best reasons to wear sunglasses is not because it is a fashion trend, but sunglasses prevent the retinal damage. It protects your delicate eyelids skin to stop skin cancer around your eyes.

Sunglasses also prevents the growths of non-cancerous and cancerous bumps on the eyes. Furthermore, before getting sunglasses, make sure you get the 100% UV protection. Your glasses should be UV-A rays and UV-B rays.

Consult your optometrist or optician to pick the right sunglasses for you. When the sun is out and the heat is unbearable, wear a wide-brimmed hat or a cap to protect your eyes from the rays. Make sure you stay in the shade if possible.

Eat healthy food

Eating a variety of vegetables, preferably leafy green ones can enhance your retinal and its function. Eating carrot is ideal, but carrot alone cannot protect your eyes. Moreover, researchers found people on diets with a high level of vitamin A, C, and E, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids DHA, EPA, zeaxanthin, and zinc are less likely to develop early and advanced age-related macular degeneration.

Rest your eyes

You need to stop your eyes from working too hard, if you are writing, reading or working in front of a screen look into the distance every thirty minutes; it will prevent your eyes from getting tired.

Do not stare at the sun or bright light to prevent retina damage. Ensure your work area is adequately lit to avoid squinting your eyes. If you make use of the computer every time, get anti-reflective coating glasses to prevent light reflections from the front and rear surface of the lens.

Written by Joey Postma

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